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Freeing Hands to Create More Value

At Tasklet Robots we provide robots and software that optimize, digitalize and automize the internal transportation processes in your warehouse and manufacturing facilities. The very core of Tasklet Robots is to create value by managing time-consuming processes and releasing human resources. Let's have a chat about the wins autonomous mobile robots will provide your company.

Standing on the Shoulders of Warehousing Technology Experts

Tasklet Robots share DNA with the Danish software company Tasklet Factory that develops the best-in-class warehouse management system (WMS) application: Tasklet Mobile WMS. 

Tasklet Factory was founded in 2008. Today more than 1000 companies worldwide use Tasklet Mobile WMS to eliminate warehousing errors and boost performance by going mobile and digital with barcode scanners and Tasklet data collection software. 

Inspired by the positive impact that Tasklet Mobile WMS continuously made for companies across industries, Tasklet founder Peter List started to explore complementary warehouse-optimizing technologies. This led to the introduction of Tasklet Robots in 2019, and in 2021 a milestone was reached as the first project integrating Tasklet Mobile WMS software with a mobile robot solution from MIR was launched.  

Building on Tasklet’s expertise in making user-friendly software and hardware play in concert, the vision is to keep pushing the limits for utilizing technology to simplify complexity, reduce errors, and minimize time wasted on non-value-adding activities in warehouses and production facilities.  

Simple Solutions for Optimizing Warehouse Processes

We support our customers in changing processes where manual and non-value creating material transportation ties up valuable manpower. We do this by letting autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) do the heavy work – easily controlled and configured with user-friendly software that can be put in the hands of your warehouse workers. We swear by the Keep It Simple philosophy.  

As an official reseller and integrator of mobile transport robots from MiR - Mobile Industrial Robots™ and top modules from ROEQ, Tasklet Robots can tailor a solution to any company wanting to free manpower used for simple transportation of goods – by forklift, truck, pallet jack, cart, conveyor, etc. – to more value-creating tasks. 

From our offices in Denmark and the United States, Tasklet people serve customers all over the globe. We take pride in utilizing digital opportunities to meet, spar with, and support our partners and customers from remote. This emphasizes a cornerstone in Tasklet Robots as we want to empower our customers to handle maintenance and service without involving costly and time-consuming support technicians.

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