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Optimize your Internal Logistics with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Moving and handling goods efficiently is fundamental in a successful warehouse operations. Using autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from Mobile Industrial Robots™ (MiR) in your facility will help you optimize efficiency of your internal transportation, free manpower, and increase safety. The MiR robots autonomously choose the most effective route to their destination, and you can have an AMR solution for almost every load size.

Mobile Industrial Robots™ Overview

Different Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) for Different Needs

Whether you need help automating smaller or medium-sized loads, pick-up and pulling heavy carts, or transporting heavy load pallets, there's a Mobile Industrial Robot to meet your needs.

Take a look at the overview below to learn more about the different autonomous mobile robots that can help you ensure efficient internal transportation in your warehouse or production facility.


The MiR100 is a flexible Mobile Industrial Robot that will optimize the internal transportation of smaller items in your facility. MiR100 can transport payloads up to 100 kg, so your employees don’t have to do so, thus creating time for them to do more value-creating activities.

The combination of sophisticated software and built-in sensors and cameras makes the MiR100 able to identify its surroundings, use the most efficient route to the destination, and navigate safely around people and obstacles in your warehouse or production facility.


The MiR250 is the most agile of the Mobile Industrial Robots. With a small footprint of 580 mm x 800 mm and a maximal payload of 250 kg, the MiR250 is highly adaptable and can transport small and medium-sized loads in challenging environments and in spaces as narrow as 80 centimeters. What would be obstacles for other autonomous mobile robots, like doors and elevators, are no problem for the MiR250 due to the adaptability of its design.

MiR250 Hook

The MiR250 Hook is a robot arm top module for the MiR250 that supports fully automated pick-up and towing of carts with a weight of up to 500kg. MiR250 Hook identifies carts with April Tags to effectively move them from one location to another in your facility.

The MiR250 can be set up easily; you can simply measure your cart and feed the data into the software of the MiR250 Hook solution.


The MiR600 is a stronger and safer Mobile Industrial Robot. With an IP52-rated design and a maximal payload of 600kg, the MiR600 offers automation of your internal transport of heavy loads and pallets and is compatible in more challenging environments, where it can be exposed to fluids and dust.

The MiR600 is equipped with the newest laser-scanning technology that provides a 360-degree view, thus securing the highest safety level.


The MiR1350 is the strongest alternative of the Mobile Industrial Robots, with a maximal payload of 1350 kg. The MiR1350 automates your heavy-duty transport tasks, which can help you maximize the efficiency of your internal transportation. With the IP52-rated sealing and a robust design, the MiR1350 can operate in varying environments and can transport your loads close to open gates or other places where it’s exposed to water drops or dirt.

It still maneuvers safely around people and obstacles and will stop if a person walks out in front of it.

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Optimize Your Internal Transportation with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) from Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)

Using AMRs in your facility will help you create a more effective internal transportation of different sized loads, depending on your needs, as these robots autonomously transport them from one location to another. By fully automating your warehouse's transportation tasks with Mobile Industrial Robots, you can save time for your employees to do more high-value activities.

It is both fast and cost-efficient to get started with autonomous mobile robots, as they can be deployed without disrupting the existing processes or layout. The Mobile Industrial Robots offer high agility and flexibility to match the needs of your logistic workflows. The different models can fit into varying environments, operate in narrow spaces, drive up ramps, and use the elevator. If you have demanding environments in your facility, there are two MiR models with IP52-rated sealing, making them able to withstand fluids and dust.


Increasing Workplace Safety with Mobile Industrial Robots

In contrast to older robotics technology, autonomous mobile robots navigate independently around people and other obstacles while calculating the most effective route to their destination. Traditional pallet- or forklifts constitute a real safety risk due to manual errors or similar. Substituting the traditional solutions with Mobile Industrial Robots can contribute to safer logistic workflows, as the robots comply with the highest safety standards. This makes the collaborative robots the best solution to optimize both workplace safety and productivity.

The safety of the AMRs from MiR is of great importance, as they work amongst people and are integrated into existing processes. To ensure maximal safety, the robots have a multi-sensor safety system, including laser scanners, 3D cameras, and proximity sensors. This lets the robot know where it is driving and whether it should adjust the route or fully stop. Further features have been added to ensure that the Mobile Industrial Robots can make a safe decision, even if the laser scanners stop working. All these features contribute to the robots from MiR being the safest AMRs in the world.


Control the Mobile Industrial Robots with the User-friendly MiR Robot Interface

When you choose to automate your transport tasks with a Mobile Industrial Robot, you will have complete control of the robot from the very start. The robots are controlled with the user-friendly and intuitive MiR Robot Interface that you can access on a phone, tablet, or computer. The interface is easily programmed and requires no prior programming experience. You can also download the CAD files of the facility directly to the robot. If the factory floor or the processes in your facility change, the AMRs’ setup can be easily modified.

It's easy to customize the Mobile Industrial Robots to your needs, as different top modules can be mounted on the robot. If you have many transport tasks to execute, it’s easy to configure a fleet of robots with MiR Fleet. Adding new robots to the fleet is easily managed, as the data can be shared between robots. The actual traffic flow between the robots in your warehouse is coordinated efficiently.



Learn more about Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)

Mobile Industrial Robots are autonomous transportation robots, that can help you with different transport tasks in your warehouse, thus saving time for your employees to focus on high-value activities. Learn more about the Mobile Industrial Robots from MiR.

Imagine having your internal material transport handled by just a push of a button. Imagine if this could work without having to rearrange your facility. Is that even possible?

Yes, MiR Robots navigate autonomously, making it possible to integrate and work at your facility. Whatever way you move your material today, no matter if you are using pallets, carts, conveyor band, or other types of transporting tools, we can help you automate your processes, free up resources and help your workforce focus on value-creating tasks.

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Automation is a way to optimize productivity and give you a competitive edge. However, according to a market survey that we made, 88% of the respondents say concerns surrounding ROI slow automation down. The cost-efficient mobile robots from MiR offers a fast ROI, with a payback period is often less than a year.

If you want to see an immediate return on investment and have low or no upfront costs for your Robots, we can offer you to lease MiR robots.

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The autonomous mobile robots from MiR have built-in sensors and cameras, which make them able to autonomously navigate and find the most efficient route in your warehouse.

The mobile industrial robots safely maneuvers between obstacles and people, and redirects when meeting an obstacle. They can also reroute to prevent delaying or stopping the transport of items. Book a demo to see how it works.

The adaptability of the MiR robots ensure that the robots can be deployed in existing environments without any changes of the facility layout, and this results in a fast and smooth integration period.

We can have your solution up and running in just a few days from the delivery of the robots and equipment.

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