Mobile Industrial Robot - MiR600

MiR600 – Automating the Internal Transport of Heavy Loads and Pallets

The MiR600 is a stronger and safer alternative to other mobile industrial robots. Because it meets the highest robotic standards, the MiR600 is superior to other autonomous mobile robots. The MiR600 can transport loads up to 600 kg, providing effective internal transport of pallets and other heavy loads in your warehouse or production facility.


Dimensions Of Mobile Industrial Robots


1350x920 mm

Payload Of Mobile Industrial Robots


600 kg

Runtime Of Mobile Industrial Robots

Run time

10 hours

Speed Of Mobile Industrial Robots

Max speed

7.2 km/h

MiR600 Can Optimize the Transportation of Pallets and Other Heavy Loads in Your Warehouse

The MiR600 can pick up, transport, and unload pallets autonomously, without having to change the layout of the facility, as the MiR600 uses sophisticated navigation software. The MiR600 navigates safely and autonomously to find the most efficient path to its destination. It maneuvers around people and obstacles and automatically initiates a new route when it encounters obstacles, avoiding costly delays in logistics processes.

The Robust Design of MiR600 Makes It Usable in More Environments Than Other Mobile Industrial Robots

With an IP52-rated design, the MiR600 can withstand dust particles and fluids, making it compatible with more environments compared to other mobile industrial robots. The MiR600 can drive close to open gates or other locations, where it’s exposed to water drops or dirt.

The MiR600 is equipped with the newest laser-scanning technology providing a 360-degree view, and securing the highest level of safety. It’s easy to mount top modules or other equipment to the MiR600, including pallet forks, conveyors, or a robot arm, depending on the needs of your facility.

User-friendly MiR600 Fully Controlled Through Intuitive Interface

You're in full control of the user-friendly MiR600 from the start. The MiR600 is controlled via a computer, tablet, or smartphone using the intuitive MiR Robot Interface, which requires no programming skills. To set it up, you can either use its laser scanners to create a map or simply download CAD files of the facility to the mobile industrial robot.

For a fully automated solution, MiR600 can be integrated with your ERP system.


Learn More About MiR600

The MiR600 is a Mobile Industrial Robot for internal transportation of heavy loads and pallets. Learn more about the MiR600.

MiR600 is equipped with laser-scanning technology, that provides a 360-degree view, facilitating autonomous and safe transport of heavy loads and pallets in your facility. MiR600 is controlled with a smartphone, tablet or computer using the user-friendly and intuitive MiR Robot Interface. Book a demo to see how it works.

With the MiR600, you can automate the transport tasks of pallets or heavy loads in your warehouse, thus saving time to do more value-adding activities. It’s easy to set up the MiR600, as you can download CAD files of the facility straight into the robot or use its laser scanners to create a map of the facility. Its possible to integrate MiR600 into your ERP-system for a fully automated solution. Contact us to learn more.

The MiR600 is designed to transport loads and pallets of up to 600 kg. Book a demo to see how it works.

The MiR600 can create value for your business if you have a need for automation of heavy transport tasks in your production facility or warehouse. It doesn’t require alteration in your facility, as the MiR600 navigates safely around people and obstacles with built-in laser scanners and sensors. Contact us to learn more.

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