Top Modules for your AMR Robots from MiR

Easy Integration and Endless Automation Possibilities for your MiR robots with Top Modules

With top modules the mobile industrial robots integrate seamlessly with your existing environment. Your autonomous mobile robot from MiR navigates safely through your warehouse. And thanks to top modules from ROEQ they are able pick up, drop off, and transfer loads at your different stations. ROEQ top modules secure a safe, easy, and reliable AMR robot solution.

ROEQ Top Modules Overview

Different Top Modules to Match Your Needs

Whether you need a roller module for conveying, a module to move carts or racks, or a module for lifting, there’s a top module to match your needs. With the top modules from ROEQ, you will get the maximal output from your autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solution. All top modules from ROEQ are set up with the user-friendly ROEQ Assist software, enabling you to get up and running in no time.

Roller Modules

With the roller top modules from ROEQ, your Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) optimize the conveyor tasks in your warehouse. During transport, the rollers are braked, ensuring the maximum safety and security level. 

The roller top modules have three types of optical sensors. Position sensors ensure that goods only onboard or leave the roller when the robot is positioned correctly in front of a stationary conveyor station. Front cargo sensors monitor items onboarding and leaving the top roller module, making sure that goods are safely on board before the robot initiates the transport. Finally, rear cargo sensors prevent packages from rolling off the top roller as the robot won't drive if the products are not correctly placed.

Cart and Rack Modules

The cart and rack top modules from ROEQ will enable your Mobile Industrial Robots to transport carts and/or racks from one location to another in your warehouse. Docking stations are placed at both ends of the route, and the robot will safely navigate from one docking station to the other, carrying carts or racks with it.

These top modules can also increase the maximal payload of your robot from MiR, thus expanding its ability. Furthermore, some cart and rack top modules expand the loading area, enabling the robot to transport loads with longer or wider items.

Lifter Modules

Lifter modules from ROEQ allow your autonomous mobile robot (AMR) to pick up, transport, and drop-off pallets, crates, or racks. The top modules for lifting have built-in cargo sensors that detect loads on the module to avoid errors at pickup and drop off. Extra equipment can be attached to the top module, adding to its flexibility, e.g., forks for lifting pallets.

Pallet racks can be set against a wall or work as a pickup, drop-off, and drive-through, depending on your warehouse infrastructure.

MiR Overview

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