Roller Top Modules for Your Robots from MiR

Get a Conveyor Solution to Suit Your Needs with Top Roller Modules from ROEQ

ROEQ roller top modules can optimize the conveyor tasks in your warehouse when combined with your Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). The rollers on the top modules are braked during transport, ensuring the highest safety and security level.

TR125 Manual 250 and TR125 Auto 250

The TR125 Manual 250 is a manually adjustable top roller that can carry out scheduled pick-up and delivery tasks between stationary conveyor stations. The manually adjustable stroke of 200mm on this roller top module can be adjusted to match the existing conveyor stations. It contains built-in barriers to protect fingers in the handling process. This top roller can handle payloads up to 125 kg.

The auto-adjustable alternative, the TR125 Auto 250, will enable you to schedule pick-up and delivery tasks with stationary conveyor stations at different heights without manual intervention. The different heights of pick-up and delivery points can be set using the ROEQ Assist software.

MiR compatibility:

TR500 and TR500 Auto

The TR500 is a heavy-duty top roller module mounted on top of the robots from MiR in your warehouse. It allows your autonomous mobile robots to pick up and deliver heavy items between the conveyor stations in your production line or warehouse. It can handle payloads up to 500 kg. The side rails can be detached, so your cargo or items can extend over the sides.

With the TR500 Auto top roller, your Mobile Industrial Robots can transfer heavy items between conveyor stations at different heights. The built-in scissor mechanism enables this top module to adjust heights automatically. With the considerable flexibility of the stroke, you can easily adapt to your existing setup.

MiR compatibility:

TR1000 and TR1000 Auto

The TR1000 is the top roller module with the highest maximal payload of up to 1000 kg. It has a fixed height and a large roller area to accommodate larger items. You can also detach the side rails on this model to allow wide cargo to extend over the sides.

The TR1000 Auto is the fully automated alternative, transporting the heaviest items from one conveyor station to another at different heights. With this top roller, you get a flexible bridge between the existing conveyor systems in your warehouse or factory. It has a stroke of 240mm that enables it to transfer the items between stations of different heights. Learn more about the Roller Modules from ROEQ and how they can complete your Mobile Industrial Robot solution.

MiR compatibility:


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