Lifter Modules for Your Robots from MiR

Complete a Versatile Mobile Industrial Robot Solution with Lifter Modules from ROEQ

Lifter Modules from ROEQ can enable you to transport your different-sized cargos at varying heights more effectively. Depending on your needs, you can mount different accessories to the top module to match it to the items for transport.


The TML150 enables the transport of trays and pallets. It reduces cycle time as it can transport in a raised position. To complete the solution, you can mount the TML150 Forks on top, facilitating the pick-up of pallets and trays. This lifter has a stroke of 25 mm and a payload of up to 150 kg, depending on the robot from MiR you combine it with.

MiR compatibility:


With the TML200, you can facilitate the lifting and transportation of pallets, crates, racks, and shelf carts. Crates or pallets can be picked up, transported, and dropped off using the PR250 pallet rack as a station for the pick-up and drop-off. The build-in cargo sensors will detect if the items are correctly placed on the module, avoiding errors at pick-up and drop-off. The maximal payload is 200 kg, and the stroke for lifting stretches to 40 mm.

MiR compatibility:


The strongest lifter top module from ROEQ is the heavy-duty industrial TML1000, transforming your internal transport of heavy items and loads. This top module enables your autonomous mobile robots from MiR to pick up and deliver items at different heights due to its large stroke of 240 mm. The payload is up to 1000 kg, depending on what robot you combine it with. The compact design with low height increases the versatility of the solution. Learn more about the Lifter Modules from ROEQ and how they can complete your Mobile Industrial Robot solution.

MiR compatibility:


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MiR100 is a safe, cost-effective mobile robot that quickly automates your internal transportation. It optimizes workflows, freeing staff resources so you can increase productivity and reduce costs.

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The MiR250 is a more flexible AMR that can work around the clock and is simple to set up, for improved productivity. Its smaller footprint and increased adaptability optimize internal logistics without changing layout.

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MiR250 Hook

MiR250 Hook is a user-friendly and efficient mobile robot top module for fully automated pick-up and towing of carts in production, logistics and healthcare environments. It can help you optimize your internal logistics.

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MiR600 is compliant with the highest available robot standards making it superior to other AMRs on the market. With the increased ability to withstand dust particles and fluids along with being compliant with the highest safety standards.

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MiR1350 automates and optimizes the internal transportation of heavy cargo and pallets. It is the most powerful AMR from MiR and complies with the highest robot standards making it superior to other AMRs.

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